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Investment Opportunities

Ahmedabad, a commercial center, is also known as the Manchester of the East because of its once-booming textile industry and it's the largest city in the state of Gujarat. It's an important industrial center, with a good number of chemical and textile industries and the city is one of the fastest developing cities in India with large roads and notable architecture.

Ahmedabad offers unique shopping opportunities and some of the wonderful tourist places to rejuvenate the life of its residents. The city also serves as a prominent place of learning as it houses some of the premier institutes such as I.I.M.A, I.H.M, N.I.D and N.I.F.T.

The city is well connected with the rest of India so a property investment in this place will be hugely profitable one.

Foreign investments in Ahmedabad is highly advisable as it'll make you earn high return on investments, as the FDI policies in India are among the most liberal and attractive in emerging economies. So, invest in Ahmedabad, India and be a part of one of the most promising economy.


Best Architectural Building Award [GIHED] 2011

Best Bungalow Award [GIHED]2011

Best Residential Award [CREDAI]2012